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November 2019

November 2019

New for November — bryck&mortar is featuring a font of fantastic brands to fill out your fashions for fall… a cornucopia, you might even say.

A.Lynn Designs - NYC based collection, A.Lynn is building an essential wardrobe fit for real women with real bodies. The brand uses sustainably crafted fabrics to create personal-sized apparel that fits 60% more body shapes than the traditional s/m/l and feels as soft as a second skin.

idPearl Showroom - Established in 2015, the i + d stands for introducing and developing “pearls” with unique brand stories and product offerings. For bryck&mortar, idPearl is featuring Kathryn Jewelry, Andrena Bags, and Seidenmann Scarves.

Edge - High carbon chef knife... Only one choice, because there’s no other knife you’ll ever need in your kitchen. Not to mention, it’s perfect for preparing your upcoming holiday treats!

Jada Jo - Jewelry capturing the spirit of global travel and beauty of diverse cultures encountered along the way. Infused with positive intention and designed to provide healing benefits to the wearer.

Nuria - Each product is inspired by a different part of the world and the local wisdom and ingredients women use to help skin look healthier and brighter.

October 2019

October 2019

It’s October — and bryck&mortar is featuring distinctive brands that offer a tasteful twist on something classic…

A Token Of is bringing lockets back — lockets that are designed to be worn with intention. Each locket represents a different virtue and charity. Each virtue is paired with a symbol that is set within french enamel. When opened, the locket reveals a special picture you personally pick. On the back of the locket sits one authentic diamond. With each locket purchased, A Token Of donates 10% of the profits to a registered charity.

SHE/BD Chocolates are luxury CBD infused chocolate bonbons. Each piece is hand painted and made to help with anxiety, stress and pain. This company was born after receiving abuse from the food industry, realizing that we all deserve better. These chocolates are a sweet treat for any time of the day and make a great gift for any occasion. Perfect for anyone who needs a little relief… Or a little empowerment!

September 2019

September 2019

It’s September — and bryck&mortar is hosting three great brands that celebrate stylish hand-made originality…

EarthmadeDesigns are USA Made, ARTISAN Made, HAND made, EARTH made. Working with natural materials to form organic functional designs, their teams of designers, artisans, and natural resource providers all use their talents and experiences to create earthmadedesigns for generations to enjoy.

Last Bohème is a bohemian lifestyle brand. It started with candles and now includes a whole world of wonders to introduce you to.

Temerity is a line of leather bags and goods made by hand in DTLA. Each piece is made methodically with handheld tools and a mix of contemporary and traditional techniques to create colorful, eclectic items that are meant to be worn, carried, and loved. Temerity is a blend of whimsical detailing with utilitarian sturdiness, stemming from the belief that beautiful things should be used, and should get better with age. Temerity means reckless boldness, being moved to act beyond reason in order to make a mark, a statement, a declaration. For the designer, Sadye Harvey, this means making beautiful things slowly and thoughtfully, by hand — that is her small rebellious act.

SPIRIT TRIBE LA is a chic, elegant jewelry line designed to connect with the individual. Founded in 2017 by two girlfriends who wanted jewelry that not only aligned with their personal style but with their growing spirituality, SPIRIT TRIBE LA makes sure the positive energy they put into their designs translates into the proper energy you feel when you wear them. Each piece is handmade in Los Angeles with unique crystals and semi-precious stones that are reiki charged. Chosen with intention and care, SPIRIT TRIBE LA jewelry is designed to let the individual make it their own and to be an extension of their distinct style.

July 2019

July 2019

In July, bryck&mortar will be hosting four innovative brands devoted to self-expression and self-care (including a returning favorite!)

BONE specializes in high-quality, handcrafted jewelry and one of a kind hats for both men and women. Each piece reflects the accessible yet elevated style of its creator Dawn Dafgek. Dawn infuses her personality into the line-a mix of East Coast edge with a touch of West Coast bohemian. She knows better than anyone the modern woman is complex and can't be easily defined. This is where BONE really stands out, in the simplicity and versatility of the pieces, allowing you to play with different looks.

Wayfarer offers a carefully curated selection of vintage rugs and natural handwoven textiles, specializing in vintage Turkish hemp that offers gorgeous texture but is still soft to the touch. Wayfarer also designs pillows, floor cushions, and custom made rugs made from hemp remnants. Each is one of a kind as no two handwoven kilims are ever exactly alike. Wayfarer textiles are designed in Los Angeles, and ethically made and dyed in Turkey using old village methods passed down generation after generation.

TAYLOR + tess skincare products are vegan, toxic-free, and manufactured in labs in Texas and California. They use the highest-quality cannabidiol on the market and include CBD in isolate and full-spectrum form to cater to the specific needs of each T+t product. T+t products are for all pigments and types of skin. Their intention and purpose is to fill a gap in the beauty market with a clean and inclusive CBD skincare line “for women, men, neither and both®,” with a team comprised of women, men, minorities, and LGBTQIA+.

Esmé Design returns to bryck&mortar to offer unique handmade macramé art and decor knotted in Los Angeles by founder Esmeralda Aguilar. Transform your environment with the natural warmth and expressiveness of these beautiful creations. Esmerelda has a passion for turning walls into captivating spaces and teaching others about the beautiful art of macramé. Born in Texas, Esmerelda grew up on the coast of The Gulf of Mexico where she discovered her love for handmade art.

June 2019

June 2019


In June, bryck&mortar featured three great brands dedicated to self-expression and self-care.

Esmé Design offers unique handmade macramé art and decor knotted in Los Angeles by founder Esmeralda Aguilar. Transform your environment with the natural warmth and expressiveness of these beautiful creations. Esmerelda has a passion for turning walls into captivating spaces and teaching others about the beautiful art of macramé. Born in Texas, Esmerelda grew up on the coast of The Gulf of Mexico where she discovered her love for handmade art.

Kolored Krowns handcrafts gemstone and crystal prayer beads and jewelry with love and intention, inspired by the individuality of raw crystals as well as the range and depth of their colors. Working with natural gemstones, founder Natalie Mitchell creates jewelry as a way to capture what she considers “the mystery of life’s natural energies that remain unseen.” As she adds each bead and ties each knot, she repeats a mantra, infusing the finished necklace with intention.

Daughters. brand inspires daughters everywhere to thrive & persevere through self-care rituals — curating products to fight the daily battle against burnout and fatigue, inspired by the wisdom of generations of women. For co-founders Samantha Williams and Ellen Wong, self-care is a mindset. It’s you holding space for YOU. Because that practice will create a ripple effect across your life. Of course, sheetmasks and bath salts aren’t going to tell you the meaning of life, but they WILL give you a moment of peace for self-reflection, and that’s pure gold.


May 2019

May 2019

It’s May! And bryck&mortar is featuring two great brands that are perfect for fans of fun-loving simple chic (and great for Mom’s Day, too).

Panik Ryder parks their free-spirited boutique fashions at bryck&mortar this month, with hand-picked products that are nothing but pure love and passion. Panik Ryder’s founder, Pann, left her home country of Burma at the age of 19 to study Fashion Design in London, and has been in the retail and fashion industry for over ten years. She loves fashion and has always wanted to have her own boutique! So after her son was born, she decided to go for it!

Wilma & Ethel offers chic, minimalist, handmade jewelry. Based in downtown LA, Wilma & Ethel was founded by Kisha Hicks in 2006. Its name came from a combination of her dog’s nickname, Wilma (as in The Flintsones), paired with Ethel (Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy) — famous ’50s TV gals. Kisha's jewelry, like her company name, has an overriding motif — friendship. Girls who work together, play together, share memories together — that’s Wilma & Ethel.

April 2019

April means spring and, at bryck&mortar, a trio of brands celebrating women of all shapes and hues . . .

Gracemade honors women by delivering fashion-forward apparel that reflects beauty and power without sacrificing modesty. Gracemade features sustainable, high quality products that infuse effortless, feminine style with bold, creative confidence. Each Gracemade piece is designed and manufactured in downtown LA, using ethical practices driven by respect for people, the local community, and our environment. As a reflection of its mission, Gracemade also donates a portion of its proceeds to charity.

Poplinen celebrates the female figure in all its shapes and sizes, creating easy, better fitting, timeless tops that will become the “go-to” work horses in your closet. Sourcing beautiful fabrics, obsessing over fit, and not compromising on its values, Poplinen exists for YOU, and is the result of listening to hundreds of women share their pain points around dressing. Designed with the future in mind, Poplinen is devoted to supporting the environment throughout its entire supply chain and customer experience.

Proclaim believes fashion should represent all women and can be made in a way that does good for people and the planet. They are expanding the definition of “nude,” one ethically made bra at a time. Made of soft and supportive recycled polyester, each Proclaim bralette diverts plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. Proclaim believes it’s the little things that add up to make a big difference, so even the smallest details, like label fasteners, are thoughtfully sourced.


March 2019





This month you can feel good about shopping, with three great consciousness-raising brands…

UNCVRD features effortlessly chic jewelry that empowers at-risk girls and raises awareness about human trafficking in the U.S. and around the world. Founded by Jen Bedrossian, UNCVRD supports the work of carefully selected, local non-profit partners, including Gems Uncovered and Brave Global. #jewelrytoendslavery

Citizen&Darling is ethical clothing designed to build awareness and support the fight against human trafficking — expressing your personal style while bringing change to another life. Created by longtime friends, fashion-designer Karina and aspiring psychologist Christina, Citizen&Darling strives to connect freedom fighters with amazing non-profits who are saving lives every day.

Velé offers ethically handcrafted travel essentials with artisan quality at accessible prices. Velé is redefining industry practices to empower rather than exploit, through conscious production and nonprofit partnership, with 10% of every purchase helping to end human trafficking. Committed to respecting women, each piece carries the reminder, “You are wanted.”

January 2019


sustainable design for a life well curated

Eye Heart Mercantile is a collection of artisan-made accessories curated by JoJo Steinberg that reflects her passion for worldly interiors, vintage objects, and unique textiles.

Each piece in this collection represents a part of JoJo—a place she has been or a piece she has connected with—sourced from vintage markets and international auction houses.

Eye Heart Mercantile is passionate about fair trade, global crafts, and reclaimed goods. JoJo works with global artisans, particularly in Guatemala, to help create sustainable work opportunities for their craft.

December, 2018


Rais Case is on a mission to create the highest quality, longest-lasting bags that they can, while keeping the well-being of our planet (and you) in the forefront of their minds at all times—using circular design practices, such as localized family-owned manufacturing and utilizing 100% of waste.

Rais Case bags are multi-functional, because that's what we need in our multifaceted lives. They work hard to create designs that will become staples for you, and are proud to have on their hands on every single part of the process.

Owner Julie Rais Ellis is a mother of two, wife, artist, traveler, and conscious creator. She is passionate about designing the highest quality products that cultivate community and culture around locally handmade goods. Julie and her husband Grant could not be more excited about what the future holds for their growing family and business—and are delighted to be our initial showcase brand at bryck&mortar.